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Shop GMC Commercial Vehicles in Fergus Falls at Nelson Auto Center

GMC has great commercial vehicles that will benefit shoppers looking forward to towing and hauling. At Nelson Auto Center, you can find various GMC commercial vehicles for sale in our new inventory, and our team will help you choose the right configuration for your business.

GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a light-duty truck with great performance. It has several top-notch amenities, making it one of the top-ranked trucks in our area. The Sierra 1500 delivers excellent performance. Its base engine is a four-cylinder with 310 horsepower, while two V8 engines and a turbodiesel six-cylinder engine are optional. An eight-speed automatic transmission pairs with the four-cylinder engine, and the optional engines get a 10-speed automatic transmission. The towing capacity ranges from 9,000 to 13,000 pounds depending on your chosen engine, while the payload capacity is 2,240 pounds.

GMC Sierra 2500

Shoppers who want a truck that can tow and haul more should check out the heavy-duty GMC Sierra 2500. This truck appears performance-oriented and brings comfort in any driving scenario. Powering the GMC Sierra 2500 is a gasoline V8 that churns out 401 horsepower and makes 464 pound-feet of torque. You can get a turbocharged diesel engine that generates 445 horsepower and has 910 pound-feet of torque.

GMC Sierra 3500

Another heavy-duty truck to consider is the GMC Sierra 3500. It uses the same powertrain setups as the GMC Sierra 2500, but when it comes to towing, the GMC Sierra 3500 can do more than the Sierra 2500. The payload capacity of the GMC Sierra 3500 is 7,442 pounds, while its towing capacity can reach a max of 35,500 pounds. With the GMC 3500 HD Chassis, the towing capacity increases to 40,000 pounds.

GMC Canyon

Three engine options accompany the GMC Canyon at Nelson Auto Center, including a 200-horsepower four-cylinder, a V6 with 308 horsepower, and a turbodiesel four-cylinder with 181 horsepower. Its towing capacity is approximately 7,700 pounds.

GMC Savana

The GMC Savana is a van that will do the job, whether you choose the cargo, passenger, or cutaway van. With the passenger van, you will get a seating capacity of 12, but you can extend it to 15. On the other hand, the cutaway van and cargo van come standard with only two front seats. However, powering this van is a V6 that churns out 276 horsepower.

Optional engines in the lineup include a V8 with 401 horsepower and a 181-horsepower diesel that makes an excellent 369 pound-feet of torque. The base V6 and optional four-cylinder diesel get an eight-speed automatic transmission, and you will get a durable six-speed automatic transmission with the powerful V8 engine. Whether you opt for the Savana cargo, passenger, or cutaway van, you will still get a great towing capacity that ranges from 9,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds.

Secure Financing at Our Dealership

Have you found a new GMC commercial vehicle that you'd like to finance or lease? We proudly offer various financing options that can help you bring home your dream vehicle as early as today. Our financing team is ready and available to help you during the process and ensure you get your preferred option. If you want to learn more about the GMC commercial vehicles and financing, visit our showroom or contact us.